Donation Institutions Must Fulfill Donor Rights

Donation Institutions Must Fulfill Donor Rights. Helping each other has become a tradition throughout the history of human life. This mutual help that happens is usually sincere and doesn't ask for anything in return. This donation usually occurs when a disaster occurs such as an earthquake, tsunami and flood.

Even though this is positive, structuring with the correct organizational structure can become a trust for donors and the most important thing is that the requested assistance funds can truly benefit disaster victims.

Donation Institutions Must Fulfill Donor Rights

When one of these tragedies occurred, at the same time credible and trusted institutions as well as social institutions suddenly began to conduct fundraising activities. Actually, charity activities like this are fine as long as the obligations to the rights of the donors are still considered.

Donor Rights That We Must Fulfill

In general, we can understand the rights of these donors as a condition under which they can spend aid funds. Before making a donation, the things requested by donors are as follows:

  • What is the mission of the donor agency,
  • What is the purpose of the institution requesting donations,
  • Is this institution able to manage donation funds properly,
  • Complete organizational structure, and
  • The existence of a financial supervisory board of aid recipient institutions.

Apart from some of the obligations that must be fulfilled by the aid recipient institutions above, actually there are still rights from the donors that we must prepare.

By providing aid funds, donors are certainly entitled to receive transparent financial reports from aid recipient agencies. Whether the donation received is used according to the agreement or not at all.

Donation Institutions Must Fulfill Donor Rights

Donors also have the right to be certain that the funds provided are managed properly and in accordance with applicable regulations. because if it is not managed according to the applicable rules and mutual agreement, the funds may be withdrawn by donors.

Before providing aid funds to a recipient institution, donors also have the right to identify whether the party requesting assistance is staff from that agency or volunteers.

Apart from all that has been mentioned above, donors still have one more right, namely the freedom to ask questions and receive accurate and honest answers from the funding recipient institution. Some donors also have their own ways, whether they want their names to be announced or kept anonymous when grants are announced.

Maybe this is the only article this time about the rights of donors, all of which are the obligations of the recipient organizations that must be fulfilled.


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