Majene #Earthquake Emergency! Let's Donate!

Majene Earthquake Emergency

Majene Earthquake Emergency! Let's Donate! - Reported by the official BNPB Indonesia website, that the data on earthquake victims of the Earthquake in Majene Sulawesi, Indonesia reported that there were 3 dead victims and 24 injured victims. As many as 2,000 residents fled to safer places. Meanwhile, material losses were in the form of damage, including the Maleo Hotel and the West Sulawesi Provincial Governor's Office which were heavily damaged. The electricity grid was still out after the earthquake.

Earthquake Damage in Majene, Indonesia

Meanwhile, the Majene Regional Disaster Management Agency informed that landslides had occurred at 3 points along the Majene-Mamuju axis road. Road access was cut off, as many as 62 houses were damaged, 1 unit of Puskesmas was heavily damaged.

Still from the same source, it was stated that materials such as basic necessities, blankets and mats, family tents, medical services and tarpaulins are urgent needs at this time.

Based on data compiled by the Operations Control Center for the National Disaster Management Agency on January 15, 2021, 34 people died as a result of the M6,2 earthquake that occurred on Friday, January 15, 2021, at 01.28 local time in West Sulawesi Province, with details of 26 people dying. world in Mamuju District and eight people in Majane Regency.

Earthquake Shakes Majene, Indonesia

Friends of Indonation, since yesterday January 14, earthquakes have continued to shake the Majene and surrounding areas. The last earthquake that occurred was measuring 6.2 magnitude with the epicenter located at 6 km northeast of Majene, West Sulawesi. The earthquake was also felt in Palu, Central Sulawesi and Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Based on the reports that the team received, several hospital buildings, hotels and other buildings were badly damaged. He was also informed that some of the victims are still trapped behind the rubble of the building.

Facing this disaster, the Palu City and Makassar City Rapid Response teams moved to Majene to help our brothers there who were affected by the earthquake. Please pray that the team in charge will be given protection by God.

Majene Earthquake Emergency! Let's Donate!

Through this article, we invite you to participate in efforts to overcome the impact of the earthquake that shook Majene with your best alms. Because with the congregation, the efforts made, Insya Allah, will become easier.

Let's together overcome the earthquake in Majene!


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