This is the Secret of the Rich Man's Donation in the United States

It's not just Mark Zuckerberg, we also often hear that the richest people in the United States love to do charity or donations. Donate 99 percent of their personal possessions, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and now Mark Zuckerberg.

This is the Secret of the Rich Man's Donation in the United States

The richer people in the United States, the more likely they are to make donations. Even donate the most. Why? That is the secret of the donations of the rich in the United States In Indonesian, there must be shrimp behind the rock.

In contrast, the richest people in China are less fond of donation activities like the United States. Sounds like, they lack compassion for society and the like. They care more about their own offspring. However, is this really true?

The richest people in developed countries like the United States prefer to donate to society. So, when they die, all their property and selflessness will be practiced on mankind. This concept has earned the personal praise of some Chinese people to Western capitalists.

Are the rich in the United States really kind and selfless?

In fact, it might disappoint you a bit. The richest people in western countries, doing charity basically always starts from the benefits and interests of them and their descendants.

By donating all of his assets, not only did he not lose his possessions, but also enjoyed an excellent reputation. Because of this, the more people in the United States, the more they like to do good deeds.

The main secret reason for the donation of wealthy Americans in the United States is not that they love to do charity. Rather, it is because of the United States system itself.

In the United States, the foundation is very popular, and especially well-liked by the rich. Even to the point of donating all their property, and establishing foundations that are named after them, such as the Bill Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Mark Zuckerberg Foundation.

The foundation of this foundation is very strong. Not only because they are rich, but even because they can influence the economic trends of Western countries, or even the presidential election.

In the United States, if a wealthy person wishes to pass his property on to his children, the inheritance tax is as high as 50 percent. 

That is, if you are a billionaire with total assets of 10 billion dollars, and you want to pass all 10 billion dollars on to your child. Sorry…. You have to pay $ 5 billion in taxes first before you can continue this legacy.

However, if donated to a foundation in its own name, it is not inheritance tax. If you donate 10 billion dollars, the government will not receive your taxes, but instead you can even enjoy a maximum discount of 20% personally, with a validity of 5 years.

The United States government will not be involved in the management of these foundations. The government will only collect 1 percent symbolic tax, which is basically the equivalent of no tax collection.

This is the Secret of the Rich Man's Donation in the United States

The US government formulated this rule to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. Because high inheritance tax rates would encourage the creation of charitable organizations to promote class-wide flow.

Foundations are named after personal names. This charity can create a good personal image. Get a good reputation. Sponsoring state political, economic, cultural and organizational elites. Forming a strong network of contacts, as well as family political strength.

These rules seem and sound very fair and noble. But in practice, they are completely relegated. Or change shape altogether.

The foundation does not need to be left to outsiders for management. Rather, controlled by the rich person or his heirs.

For example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is controlled by his wife Bill Gates, his name is Melinda. Not an outsider or a professional. So, outsiders or the government have no right to interfere.

About whether or how is this Fund used, or what proportion is used for charity? Or invest? Is a personal secret. Because it won't be made public.

For example, you invested 100 billion dollars through this foundation and made a profit of 10 billion dollars. You only need to pay 1 percent nominal tax, which is $ 1 billion. You can imagine how much profit you would get when investing through the name of the foundation.

Not only that, this foundation can also raise money by inviting ordinary people on behalf of charity. But in reality, the money the foundation actually uses for charity may not even be up to 1 percent.

So in China, if you donate 100 billion dollars then you are actually donating it. You lose control over the money. Instead, money donated by wealthy people in the United States will go to his foundation. And still under his own control.

Frankly speaking, this foundation is basically a tax-free tool of the rich. The means of inheriting family wealth from generation to generation. This means that money is only transferred from the left hand to the right hand.

In this way, westerners can solve the problem of not getting rich for up to three generations (in Chinese culture). In fact, donating to the foundation can ensure that the foundation of the legacy of wealth is really strengthened.

Can avoid high taxes. And get a good name. Wow, three birds in one stone. Get three birds with one stone. 

The Oil King of the United States, the Rockefeller Family created the rules of the game. And has been passed on to the sixth generation. Succeeded in making and guaranteeing the descendants of the rich and their future as upper class society.

Doing charity or donating in the United States is just a business. This is the Secret of American rich donations.

First of all, the descendants of these wealthy people can work in their own foundation. Delivering high salaries, millions of dollars a year. At least they can make sure that their family has basic security.

Second, these rich families need to do various public or government relations. They only need to hire people appointed to act as consultants for the foundation. Then, provide a very large consultant salary costs. This public relations fee can be taken from the foundation's fund account. On behalf of charity purchases.

Not only that, the rich can donate to the world's top universities in the name of doing charity. Where then their children can go to these colleges and universities without any hindrance.

That is why many wealthy people in the US who like to do charity donate a lot of money to Harvard and Stanford.

Within these foundations, there are still many ways to play to accumulate their wealth. Through various insider operations, through the exchange of internal interests, the use of ordinary people's money, transferred to their own heirs.

There is a classic saying in the Chinese film "Let the Bullets Fly": To raise money, the rich will donate and do charity first. Then the common people will join in donating.

After the donation is over, the money of the rich will be paid off first, and the money of ordinary people who donate will be divided equally.

This is not a mere saying, but it has become a fact that when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ran for president, the American media revealed a lot of news about the facts behind Hillary.

For example, in a media interview, Hillary's daughter Chelsea said, "If my mother wins, I will take over as the Clinton Foundation Board of Directors, so there will be no conflict of interest at all."

Again, western charity is nothing more than a business. Even a big business. Where, this business can only be played by their children and grandchildren from generation to generation.

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