UBSI Lecturers Create Online Donation Website

UBSI Lecturers Create Online Donation Website

The digital era is an advancement in information technology that facilitates all human activities or work. Something that used to be done manually, now becomes computerized. Technological advances have led to a new trend, namely online donations.

UBSI Lecturers Create Online Donation Website

Yoki Firmansyah and Reza Maulana, both are lecturers at the Bina Sarana Informatics University (UBSI) Pontianak. They are moved to build a website that accommodates philanthropic activities by utilizing internet access.

Yoki as the head of the research team explained that the website, named "YukDonasi", is a place to accommodate online donation raising from all over the world.

“The large number of fake donations currently circulating makes donors worried. However, by utilizing this website, donors no longer need to feel anxious. Because this website is designed to make it easier to find information about fundraising in the nearest location, "he said in a release, Thursday, January 14, 2021.

UBSI Lecturers Create Online Donation Website

He revealed that the YukDonasi website was built based on observations from several online donation organizations in Pontianak and social media Facebook.

“YukDonasi has several features to oversee fundraising, create donation posts, search for donation posts, list fundraisers and much more. All of these can be accessed by each website user, ”Yoki explained.

He hopes that this website can help fundraisers who have not been exposed on social media to become better known, making it easier for donors to provide assistance.

"The YukDonasi website will always update every donation given to people in need, so that donors can check at any time. In addition, this website also supports the cashless policy in transactions, especially in the midst of the current pandemic, "he concluded.



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