Benefits of Donating for Muslims

Donating or giving aid is no longer something foreign to us today. With more and more intermediate donation sites popping up in recent times, it is commonplace to make donations to others who need help. It does indicate that donating is an activity that can increase our awareness of paying attention to others.

Towards public awareness and able to unite many people in doing good. Then what are the benefits of giving donations, especially for Muslims? Let us study and respond one by one the points below:

Benefits of Donating for Muslims

Benefits of Donating for Muslims

Increase Sustenance from Allah

As human beings, we can't help but be very money, even obsessed with it. Having large amounts of money is certainly one of the factors that can give happiness to the life we live.

With enough money, we can easily have all kinds of items such as clothes, food, electronic goods to own the house we want. There are various ways that you can do to earn a large nominal salary. However, these methods are only for getting a good and decent life while living in the world.

Cure Various Diseases

Donation or helping others is a type of medicine for various diseases and is able to ward off bad things besides praying for protection from Allah.

There are so many interesting stories that describe how tremendous the alms that we give are able to cure various diseases. These stories were told by several scholars. The stories include a person who was able to recover from an annual disease that he had suffered for a long time thanks to the tremendous practice of alms. If we have the desire to recover from an illness, give charity. Ask anyone who receives help to pray for you so that you can get well.

Increase Social Spirit

Donating or giving alms is one of the practices promised by Allah by giving a large reward. No matter how small the donation we give, it will be able to help us from the torments of hellfire in the hereafter. Even though it is only half of dates, the benefits of donations that we make do not only reach the afterlife but we can also benefit from the growth of social souls who can make life in the world better.

Sharing Happiness

When donating, of course we will feel the joy that radiates from the smile of the recipients. According to several studies, feelings of happiness, sadness, sadness and fear can be transmitted to other humans. Those are the benefits of donating or alms that have been summarized. Donations can be in any form such as money donations, book donations, clothing donations and others.


  1. I am without religion but do donate. I donate time (on a crisis line), food for the homeless and money where I can. And yes, I do get incredible benefits from trying to help others. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Take care.

    1. That's how it should be. Donations may not be made while expecting a reward or reply. No matter what.

  2. I think that it is worth helping everyone, regardless of religion or race 😘😘


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