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Definition of Donations, Donors and Examples

Giving donations is one of our obligations to help others especially during a pandemic . But do you understand the meaning of the word Donate or Donate? In the digital era, various online donation websites have emerged that can help connect donors to donation recipients. But before donating, let's we try to understand the meaning of donations and donors below. Definition of Donations, Donors and Examples Definition of Donation The Definition of Donation can be seen from two aspects. The first aspect is linguistical, while the second is seen in terms. In language, a donation has its roots in English, namely Donation or in Latin, namely Donum. In Indonesian, it means charity or donation. While in a term, the meaning of donation is a gift from a person or a legal entity to a certain party or an association (as an intermediary or manager of donations) which is voluntary, without any strings attached or without expecting anything back from what has been given. Definition of Donors Mean

Donation Items for Disaster Victims

Recently, television and online media have been coloured with news about natural disasters and humanitarian disasters. If you intend to help refugees, it's a good idea to provide them with the items they need. What kind of goods? Let's check directly below. Packaged Foods Packaged food can be a Donation Item if you want to donate to disaster victims or refugees. These foods can be in the form of instant noodles, baby porridge, bread, canned food, sardines or you can also donate packaged rice to eat right away. Baby Diapers or Sanitary Napkins for Women Baby diapers or sanitary napkins are indispensable things. Because if not replaced immediately, these used objects have the potential to cause disease. So it is suggested that if you want to donate, think about donating. Drugs Even though medicine is provided at the evacuation posts, sometimes something is missed. For example, eucalyptus oil, balm, headache medicine, patches and others. Well, these drugs can be an option for you