Insured Donation Policy

In this world, more than 150,000 units of houses, land or shops per year are the target of donations between family members. This occurs both because the transcription costs are clearly more profitable than the sale, and because of the subsidized tax regime and to protect against the applicable taxes on inheritance.

Insured Donation Policy

Insured Donation Policy

Unfortunately, this practice exposes donation recipients to some disadvantages due to the legal constraints that come from donations.

The law in fact states that donors cannot divert assets from their land for a share that exceeds the "available" quota. In order to protect the rights of the legal heirs, the transcription of assets originating from the donation can be canceled, if the assets are included in the legal part of other heirs.

The prescription for the cancellation period for this transcription lasts 20 years if the donor is still alive and 10 years from the date the donor is no longer alive.

These limits create serious problems if the grantee needs to sell assets or collateralize them by registering a mortgage on them.

What is Donation Insurance for?

The donation policy covers the risks that come from purchasing donated goods, ensuring their marketability and safety for buyers and / or the mortgage. In order to guarantee the assurance of insurance benefits, for risks that can last for decades, we have selected only products from large international groups with historically proven high solvency and solidity.

Who Protects the Donation Policy?

Property buyers who come from donations or institutions that fund the purchase and / or renovation of the property.


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