Know the Definition of Donations and Donors

Maybe some of you already understand what is called donations and donors, right? some may think that the donation is a joint venture or donation and a donor is a person who makes donations in an activity that aims to help a certain party. But what exactly are donations and donors? Let's talk about donations and donors.

Know the Definition of Donations and Donors

Donation Curling

The Definition of Donations according to is donations or charity (English: donations that come from Latin: donum). A gift is generally physical by an individual or legal entity. This gift is voluntary without any benefit.

Although donations can be in the form of food, goods, clothing, toys or vehicles, this is not always the case. In the event of a disaster emergency or certain other circumstances, for example, donations may take the form of humanitarian assistance or assistance in the form of development.

In the case of medical care, the donation can be a blood transfusion or in the case of a transplant, it can be an organ replacement.

Donations can be made not only in the form of providing services or goods alone but as can also be done in the form of free will funding. In a legal sense in general, it can be interpreted as a gift, but donations have an agreement in making donations.

What is the Definition of Donations and Donors?

Therefore, donations do not get a legal status like a transfer of rights in civil jurisdiction. In terms of politics, donations are made during campaigns and several countries have provided arrangements with some restrictions on these activities.

Definition of Donors

Donors are people who donate their assets or donate their assets to those in need, whether they are affected by natural disasters or diseases that require expensive medical costs, or help someone who has interesting ideas or ideas to create works.

However, it was hit by a lack of funds and someone needed a donation, obviously to anyone who needed it / was less fortunate. Donors act according to good practice in the public interest. 

To be informed about the organization's mission, the performance of the organization that has made or will make donations within the organization using its resources and capacities effectively for their purposes. So the discussion regarding the Definition of Donations and Donors, I hope the article is useful.


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