The Safe Donation Policy

The Safe Donation Policy : For our information, donations that are widespread in society are donations between family members from housing units, land or shops. This practice is superior due to several factors, such as favorable transition costs compared to sales, the subsidized tax regime, but also the intention to protect oneself from taxing inheritance.

But on the other hand, the giving of these donations has several shortcomings related to the legal constraints that arise as a result of giving donations.

In fact it is assumed that the donor cannot influence his inheritance for a share that exceeds the "available" quota; therefore, in order to protect the right of the legal heir, in the event the donated property falls into the share of another heir, the transcription of the asset may be canceled.

The rule of law for the cancellation period for this transcription lasts 10 years from the date the donor is no longer alive, or 20 years if the donor is still alive.

The Safe Donation Policy

Why Take Donation Insurance?

Due to the aforementioned legal constraints, the recipient may experience complications if he is in a situation of pawning or selling the goods received.

In fact, in these circumstances, the donation policy is intervened, which aims to cover the risks arising from the purchase of goods from the donation, thereby protecting the buyer of a property or institution that is financing the purchase or renovation.

The purpose of this policy is actually to ensure the security for the buyer or recipient of the mortgage and therefore to ensure the marketability of the asset, protecting the recipient (buyer or lender) from the damage that would be suffered if the asset was returned. terminated assets, other legal heirs.

Who Can Take This Policy?

This policy can be signed at the time of the property donation by either the donor or the recipient and has a duration depending on the entitlement prescription for restitution action (20 years if the donor is alive and 10 years from the date on which the donor is no longer alive).

How Much Can I Insure?

The premium is single and anticipated and, with respect to the insurable amount, this is naturally related to the commercial value of the asset at the time of subscription.

Of course, it is possible to adjust the initial amount covered during the insurance period, so as to optimally protect all parties involved.


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