Types of Donations You Need to Know

Types of Donations You Need to Know - On this occasion, we will discuss several types of donations. Maybe you don't realize that several types of donations exist in the world. Lots of donations are aimed at helping less fortunate people. For that, here are some types of donations.

Social Donations

Social donations are very common, not only in Indonesia but in other countries, these Types of Donations have attracted a lot of attention. An example of this type of donation is usually and fundraisers will invite donors to donate money to people in need.

Types of Donations You Need to Know

For example, the elderly who do not have a house or place to live, the less fortunate are suffering from a disease and must receive expensive medical treatment.

Donations for War Victims

The second type of donation is donations or fundraising for war victims. Usually, this type of donation is made by humanitarian organizations that care about civilians who are victims of war in their country. This type of donation is usually made to meet food needs.

The most recent example is fundraising carried out by humanitarian organizations to help Palestinians in need of assistance. Such as food, medicine and clothing.

What are the Types of Donations?

Donations for Victims of Natural Disasters

Next is the type of donation intended for victims of natural disasters. This donation is usually made during major natural disasters such as tsunamis, forest fires that cause thick smoke and enter residential areas, floods, earthquakes and natural disasters that cause casualties or cause damage.

This type of donation is usually collected and converted into food, clothing and medicine.

Donate for a Work

Finally, donations of a different type than those mentioned above, are usually made by individuals or communities who have worked but are limited in terms of funds.

Therefore, the innovator or the person who owns the work initiated a donation campaign to attract donors who are interested in his work to participate in building the innovator's work.

Now you know that there are several types and types of donations, so if you want to donate you already know what type you want to donate because some people are different, some have their satisfaction when they help victims of natural disasters or help friends who have works, but hit funds. Thus our discussion regarding the various Types of Donations, hopefully, this is useful.


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