Definition of Donation, Types and Rights

Definition of Donation, Types and RightsTo know the definition of donation, it can be seen from 2 aspects. namely in terms of language and in terms of terminology. In terms of the language of donations from English, namely Donation. In Indonesian, it means charity or donation. By giving donations, someone will be helped in their life problems. Isn't donation a good thing?

Type of Donations

Definition of Donation, Types and Rights

There are at least 5 types of donations that are usually collected by managers to collect aid.

Poverty Alleviation Donations

Considering that there are still many groups of people who are needy, poor, and orphaned, this donation is one of the most attractive to donors. This poverty alleviation aid is generally in the form of goods or money which are expected to boost the life of the recipient.

Donation for Disaster Management

This second donation is incidental. Only done at certain times. Apart from being driven independently, donations to solve disasters are also very likely to be managed by the government. People who are affected by disasters usually lose large amounts of property. 

Donation for General Infrastructure

Among the different types of donations, this one is probably the one you encounter the most on the street. For example, donations in the context of building houses of worship whose functions are for the public interest. Apart from houses of worship, donation opportunities for the construction of polyclinics, guard posts and others Apart from money, you can donate other items, such as building materials

Donation of Educational Facilities

To accelerate building adequate educational facilities, there are school administrators, foundations or madrasas that open up opportunities for donations. This is usually done when an educational institution wants to build a local or a certain building in the school environment. Just like public infrastructure donations that donors can donate here is not only money but also building materials and the like.

Donation for Social Activities

Currently, communities have started to emerge which have become a place for donors to distribute their assistance easily to people who need help and are exposed to social problems. The social activists they do will spend their time in the interests of society. 

Such as education, roads and so on. So they collect community funds to cover the operational costs needed during their activities. So many reviews regarding the definition of donation in this article, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who are trying to donate.


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