These Are The Donor Rights You Need To Know

These Are The Donor Rights You Need To Know - There are several donor rights, such as vision, mission, use of donations given to foundations and other important things. Donation managers are now growing along with the times with the presence of various online donation websites.

However, donors who leave assets to donate certainly hope that what they donate can arrive in accordance with the goals and expectations of the recipient. Donors also need to be sure that the manager of donation funds is a trustworthy institution or association. Therefore, donors deserve to get donor rights from donation managers.

The Donor Rights You Need To Know

Clarity of Vision, Mission and Donation Management Program

Often a person decides to become a donor at a certain donation institution because he sees that the vision, mission, and program are in line (goal) with the contents of his head. So it is fitting for donors to know about these various things.

Clarity of the Identity of the Donation Manager

The donation manager should grant this right to donors. There is no need to hide anything regarding the identity and origins of the institution. Provide clarity so that there are no doubts in the minds of the donors.

Fund Management Transparency

Is it true that the funds provided by donors have reached those who are entitled and according to the agreement? One indicator that can convince donors is the completeness of data regarding the data management of funds presented to donors. The third point is arguably the most sensitive right and is definitely demanded by most donors.

Activity Performance Report

To what extent have the vision, mission and program been implemented?. This needs to be answered by the donor management agency as well as reporting the facts of its performance as it is. This is also something that donors should get.

Party Requesting Donation

As for the rights of donors, namely knowing who donations are collected and given to whom. This is very important because the opening of a donation must have a clear object.

Communication Between Donors And Fund Managers

The next right is good communication between donors and fund managers. Where the fund manager must answer any related questions honestly and openly.


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