Know the Law of Giving Donations in Islam

Know the Law of Giving Donations in Islam - Identical used goods are worthless. This is a view for some. For example, someone likes to give used clothes because they feel they are not very valuable. For those who have no clothes or are worn out, they will be grateful. Giving donations with used goods can bring rewards if it is still useful.

If it is in the form of food, it is certainly not stale. Maybe in terms of numbers. Some give only one date. One date given to small children will be happy. One candy for a child is the same. Giving used or minimal amounts is often underestimated.

Even though often it will be more useful. This value that is considered insignificant may not be considered, but its usefulness can be great for others.

Almsgiving is an obligation in disguise. This means that if alms for every Muslim by the Prophet there is an emphasis. Even to prevent oneself from immorality also includes self-alms. As for almsgiving to others, it is also emphasized, even though it gives alms with a date.

Know the Law of Giving Donations in Islam

Know the Law of Giving Donations in Islam

The hadith above shows that what is owned can be of the value of alms. So that he should do it with both hands, the results obtained can be given to others and some of it can be used for the necessities of life. Well, for those who don't have money, they can help with energy. For example, helping neighbours cut down their trees. Of course, this can be of no value.

Unused items are still of value to others. Even those who are categorized as garbage can be donated. Deposit to rubbing collectors and become money. This money can be used as material for alms. Even with the existence of waste banks that have mushroomed in the community. They can be integrated into assistance to those in need or by diverting existing accounts at the waste bank.

Eliminating distractions on the road is certainly a small thing. Everyone can and can be considered not part of the charity. It is precisely this small assumption that can lead a person to eternal happiness. Not only happy in the hereafter also happy in the world. Giving donations with used goods can be the best alms value if the benefit to others is of high value. This measure of benefit is the essence of alms. So that happiness can be evenly distributed.


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