Know the Types of Donation in Indonesia

Know the Types of Donation in Indonesia - We are reviewing the types or types of donations in general that can be made in Indonesia and around the world. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of donations aimed at helping less fortunate people, such as those affected by natural disasters and so on. Here are some types of donation in Indonesia.

Know the Types of Donation in Indonesia

Social Donation

This social donation is very common which we always encounter not only in Indonesia. However, in other countries too, social donations have received a lot of attention. An example of this type of social donation, in general, is fundraising by inviting donors to donate money to people in need.

For example, such as the elderly who do not have a place to live, people who suffer from severe illnesses that cost a lot of money, building schools, prayer rooms and mosques and building infrastructure facilities that are not accessible to the government, for example building bridges.

Donation of War Victims

Types of donations for war victims are donation programs or fundraising for victims of injury, death, homelessness and others as a result of the impact of wars between countries, tribes, villages, cities, and so on. In general, this type of donation program is run by humanitarian organizations that care for civilians who are victims of war in their country.

This type of donation program, on the other hand, is carried out to meet food and housing needs. The most recent example is fundraising carried out by humanitarian organizations to help Palestinians in need of assistance such as food, clothing, medicine, education and shelter.

Donation for Natural Disaster Victims

The third type of donation is a type of donation program intended for victims of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires and other natural disasters that cause casualties or cause severe damage. The forms donated are in the types of donation programs for victims of natural disasters in general, namely money, clothes, medicines, food and drinks.

Donate a Work

Meanwhile, the fourth type of donation is a different donation program from the three types of donation programs above. This type of work donation is generally made by communities or individuals who have works but minimal funds.

Therefore, the innovator or the person who owns the work initiates a donation campaign that aims to attract potential donors to be interested in becoming permanent. So many reviews some types of donation in Indonesia in this article, hopefully useful.


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