Know The Types Of Donation In Islam

Know The Types Of Donation In Islam - Donation is one of the pillars of Islam and is one of the main elements of upholding Islamic law. Allah SWT said, “That they are not commanded except to worship Allah by sanctifying their obedience to him in (practicing) a righteous religion, and so that they offer prayers and pay alms. In this article, we will explain several types of donation in Islam, see the reviews below.

Know The Types Of Donation In Islam


Infaq or sodaqoh is the voluntary expenditure that a person does, every time he gets rizki, as much as he wants. According to the language, infaq comes from the word anfaqa which means to spend wealth for the benefit of something. While according to the syari'at islilah, infaq is issuing part of the property ordered in Islam.

Infaq is different from donation, iinfaq does not know the nisab or the legally determined amount of assets. Infaq does not have to be given to certain mustahiks, but to anyone, such as parents, relatives, orphans, poor people, or people who are on their way.


Waqf is one of the special practices of worship, this is because the rewards of waqaf will continue to flow even though we have passed away. In contrast to practices such as prayer, donation, fasting, Hajj, etc., the rewards will be cut off when we die.

This information is based on the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. "If a human dies, his deeds will be cut off, except for three things; almsgiving, useful knowledge, and pious children who always pray for it. [HR. Muslim, Imam Abu Dawud, and Nasa'iy].


A muslim must perform qurban worship on Eid al-Adha, as we know that the size of a muslim who is considered capable and must perform that worship is essentially the same as the measure of his shadaqoh ability, that is if a muslim has excess property (money), and after what their basic needs are met.

Allah SWT said in (Surah Al-Kautsar: 2) which means: "So pray for your Lord, and make qurban (as worship and get are closer to Allah)." (QS.Al-Kautsar: 2).

From the word of Allah, we can conclude that performing qurban worship on Eid al-Adha is a way for a Muslim to be close to Allah SWT. So many reviews regarding the types of donation in Islam in this article, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who are trying to donate.


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