The Meaning Of Donation, Donors, And The Types

The Meaning Of Donation, Donors, And The Types - The meaning of donation is a gift from an individual or legal entity to a certain party that has a voluntary nature without any benefit in nature.

The donation can be interpreted as a permanent donation (in the form of money) from the donor to the association, or it can also be interpreted as a gift or gift.

The donation comes from English: donation which etymologically comes from Latin: donum. The donation has the same word as donation or charity. In general, donations are in physical forms, such as in the form of money, food, goods, clothes, toys or vehicles.

The Meaning Of Donation, Donors, And The Types

For example, in the event of a disaster emergency or certain other circumstances donations can be in the form of humanitarian assistance or assistance in the form of development.

Definition of Donors

Donors are people who make donations in the form of funds to an association and so on. Donors of an institution have many rights in order to clearly know the management system for the donations that have been given to a foundation or organization.

Types of Donation

Donation For Disaster Management

Donations given to victims of national disasters are conveyed directly through the disaster management agency or delivered indirectly through institutions or parties that have obtained permission from the authorized agency/institution to collect Disaster management funds.

Research And Development Donation

Donations given in the territory of the republic of indonesia are conveyed through the research and development institute.

Donation Of Educational Facilities

donations given can be in the form of facilities or funds for educational purposes.

Sports Coaching Donation

The purpose of the donation is to develop and coordinate organizations that excel and will be submitted to the sports development institution.

Social Infrastructure Development Donation

Donations for houses of worship, art and culture workshops and polyclinics.

Nature Conservation Donation

Donations are given in the form of funds or facilities or infrastructure to preserve nature. The environment is conveyed through groups or organizations engaged in the conservation of nature or the environment or government programs.

Donate Social Activities

Funds raised will be used for social activities, one of the agencies that manages donations is UNICEF The donation will be used to fund all UNICEF activities. For regular donors, there is a way to stop Unicef donations. So many reviews of the meaning of donation, donors, and the types in this article, hopefully useful.


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