Car Donation Tax Deduction, Valuable Research Done For You

The Quick Facts of Car Donation Tax Deduction

Cars have gone from being a luxury item to a necessity. In today’s world cars are extremely necessary for whatever purpose you have to get out of the house. Whether it is for going to your office, relatives’ house, grocery store, friend’s place, etc. cars are all you need to get around.

But once you have owned your car for several years and its condition deteriorates then you think of buying a new car, but then what happens to the old one? This is where car donation tax deduction comes into the picture.

Car Donation Tax Deduction, Valuable Research Done For You

Car donation tax deduction is the simple procedure of donating your old car to a charitable organization, while that is a noble cause in itself; you also get the added benefit of a tax deduction when you donate your car.

How it works is that you pick out a charity of your liking and then you can choose to donate your car to that charity for the basic benefit of mankind. There are several different types of charities which have different objectives.

Some charities donate the cars whole through a random auction for those who are in need. Other charities sell the cars at prices themselves and use the money for various charitable purposes.

If you are car is in a very poor condition and is not fit to last for longer than a few months then you can still donate it. There are charities which sell the junk parts for money.

These charity organizations are of various types and most are directly linked to building schools, orphanages, cancer research centers, etc.

Car donation tax deduction is the one answer to the twin question of how you can help your society and still benefit personally from it.

There are several steps involved in the process of car donation tax deduction and you should be careful and follow some simple basic steps to make sure you gain from this venture and that your car indeed has gone for donation to a charitable organization.

Car Donation Tax Deduction: A Few Basic Principles

There is a certain amount of research that should go into your work before you go for car donation tax deduction.

Firstly you should check that whether the charitable organization you are donating your vehicle to is recognized by the IRS. There is a list of charitable organizations which are deemed legitimate by the IRS and if you donate to an organization which is not on that list then you will not get a tax deduction.

You should also make sure that you do the work of car donation tax deduction personally and not through any agencies or “middle men”.

These agencies have their own profits in mind and keep 50-60% of the car value for themselves and they pay a fixed amount to the charity per month.

This amount is far lesser than what the charity would have gotten had you given the car directly and also it is not tax deductible.

Car donation tax deduction is a win-win scenario and all it requires for you to do is be careful when you are in the process of it for a successful car donation tax deduction.

Instead of selling your car for a far lesser price than what you bought it you can easily do a car donation tax deduction and reduce your own taxes while bettering the society.

Car donation tax deduction is recognized only in the America and you should do proper research and follow the above tips for safety.


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