Car Donation Tips: Facts You Should Know Before You Donate

If you are looking to make a used car donation then there are several car donation tips you should be aware of before you get into the process.

Car Donation Tips – What You Really Must Know

Used car donations have become quite popular these days due to the twin benefit it serves of bettering society and getting a tax deduction. But to ensure that your used car donation goes off without a hitch there are several car donation tips that you should be aware of.

Car Donation Tips

The list of car donation tips mostly helps you make sure that your donation is tax deductable, that the donation you make is to a charity which is legitimate and does work for the betterment of society and to ensure that the whole amount of your car donation goes for charity.

Following the given car donation tips will also help you avoid some problems you might encounter in the future. There is some amount of research involved in the whole process of car donation and following these car donation tips will make sure that the research you do is shortened and more specific to your needs.

Car Donation Tips: Things You Ought To Know

Like all processes in life, without adequate information beforehand, you are likely to encounter some unexpected problems.

Before making a donation you should make sure that you check out the charity you are donating to properly. This is a very important bit for car donation tips as well.

This is because there are many non-profit organizations but not all of them are IRS 501 ©3 approved. The difference between those with this approval and those without it is that donations to charities that don’t have the approval will not count as tax deductible.

So you should keep that in mind before you make your donation. You should also make sure that you avoid donating your car through outside organizations or middle men.

These organizations tend to sell your car and keep 50-60% of the profit for themselves and then donate a fixed amount to the charity.

This amount is far lesser than what the charity would have received had you donated the car directly. Now we get to some other car donation tips that you should keep in mind.

Car Donation Tips – How To Go About It

We know come to the main car donation tips involved in the process. When donating your car, do it personally and if the car is in working condition then drive it to the charity yourself. Make sure that the car is re-titled under the charity.

This means you should sign the required papers which will transfer the ownership of the car to the charity’s hands. This ensures that any future traffic violation tickets do not find their way to your house.

After signing the papers notify your DMV and do the needful so that there are no incomplete anomalies in your paperwork. You should check whether the whole amount goes forward for donation.


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