Here's How and the Process of Donating a Cancer Car

Here's How and the Process of Donating a Cancer CarCancer car donation is a way for you to take down old vehicles and help cancer-related charities at the same time. Cancer car donations are becoming a popular fundraising tool for many organizations while providing tax breaks to individuals who donate their cars.

Giving your vehicle as a cancer car donation has a great end result for both car donors and cancer charities. When you give your car (or truck, boat, or motorcycle) as a cancer car donation, the proceeds help cancer-related charities fulfill their mission.

Donating a Cancer Car

Cancer mobile donations are a much-needed source of funding for institutions advocating and assisting patient care, educating the public about the disease, and funding cancer research as they ultimately work towards a cure. Many cancer-focused charities accept and reward funds from cancer car donations.

Cancer Car Donations

If you are thinking of offering your car as a cancer car donation, you should do your research first. Decide which charities you want to benefit from your cancer car donation. Then you should research organizations that process cancer car donations.

Many organizations have step-by-step donation procedures as well as the charities they use to process cancer car donations posted on their websites. A toll-free phone number is also usually available if you prefer to call and speak with a representative before you commit to donating your vehicle.

The cancer car donation process is usually quite simple. Once you've determined the charity you'd like to benefit from your donation, select a cancer mobile donation organization to process your donation.

You will be asked to fill out a form (usually online or by phone), and then a tow company will be contacted to retrieve your vehicle and ownership.

The cancer car donation organization will send you a receipt for the fair market value of your vehicle; You can use this information to your advantage if you itemize your taxes.

The Process of Donating a Cancer Car

Note that organizations that handle cancer car donations must pay fees associated with your donation (for example, towing). Whether your motivation is to help find a cure for cancer or to ease your tax burden come tax time, a cancer car donation is a good idea.

Cancer car donation organizations make the process very easy, charities benefit from your generosity, and you get the good feeling that comes from helping a useful cause.


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