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Lee Min Ho Donates To Protect Children From Abuse

Lee Min Ho Donates To Protect Children From Abuse -  Besides being popular for his handsome looks, Korean artist Lee Min can be said to really care about others. His fame and success in the entertainment world in Korea and Asia in general did not make him arrogant. His fame actually made him even more concerned with the hardships experienced by others. Reporting from Soompi , on the last day of 2020, Lee Min Ho was not preparing himself for year-end celebrations, but instead was busy doing charity activities. As reported, before the turn of 2020, Lee Min Ho is busy giving his donations to an organization that has been working in the field of protecting children from abuse. Indeed, cases of abuse where the victims are mostly children deeply disturbed his conscience. Therefore, towards the end of last year Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment had donated 50 million Won or approximately $ 46,051 through a donation platform called PROMIZ, an organization whose main focus is to provide protecti