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Most Generous Countries in the World

Most Generous Countries in the World - We spoke with people living in the five highest-ranking countries, to find out what motivates them to give their time and money, and how it impacts the people there. It seems that extending a helping hand toward others can be more than just a good deed. In fact, according to research by consulting firm Gallup, a culture of willingness to help others is an indicator of positive economic factors, such as GDP and long-term unemployment, as well as other co-benefits such as promoting better overall welfare. To find out more, Gallup surveyed more than 145,000 people in more than 140 countries, asking residents if they had recently donated money to a charity, volunteered for an organization or helped foreigners in need. The encouraging results, compiled in a 2016 Global Civic Engagement Report, were then projected to cover the worldwide population - which currently stands at 7.4 billion people - and found that in any month, 1.4 billion people donated t