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Types of Donations You Need to Know

Types of Donations You Need to Know - On this occasion, we will discuss several types of donations. Maybe you don't realize that several types of donations exist in the world. Lots of donations are aimed at helping less fortunate people. For that, here are some types of donations. Social Donations Social donations are very common, not only in Indonesia but in other countries, these Types of Donations have attracted a lot of attention. An example of this type of donation is usually and fundraisers will invite donors to donate money to people in need. For example, the elderly who do not have a house or place to live, the less fortunate are suffering from a disease and must receive expensive medical treatment. Donations for War Victims The second type of donation is donations or fundraising for war victims. Usually, this type of donation is made by humanitarian organizations that care about civilians who are victims of war in their country. This type of donation is usually made to me

List of Donor Rights You Need to Know

List of Donor Rights You Need to Know - However, donors who leave assets to donate certainly hope that what they donate can arrive by the goals and expectations of the recipient. Donors also need to ensure that donation fund managers are trusted institutions or associations. Therefore, donors are entitled to donor rights from the donation manager. The following are the rights that donors should get. Clarify of Vision, Mission and Donation Management Program Often someone decides to become a donor at a particular donation institution because they see their vision, mission, and programs in line with what is in their head. So that it is fitting for them to know the Donor Rights . Clarify the Identity of the Donation Manager The donation manager must grant this right to donors. There is no need to hide the identity and origin of the institution. Provide clarity so that there are no doubts in the minds of the donors. If necessary, donors are aware of the management of the donation foundati

The Difference Between Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Along with the times, including the development of science and technology, many new terms have been developed, for example crowdsourcing and crowdfunding . Both terms may sound familiar to them as common people, but for those who are familiar with online startup businesses, these terms are familiar. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are sometimes interpreted as the same thing. This is caused by the mechanism or the way it works which have in common. But in fact, the two terms have quite a difference. The fefinition of Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding What exactly is meant by crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing can be defined as the process of outsourcing a project that involves creative ideas. This process usually takes advantage of a crowd or large group of people. Another meaning is as a technique of outsourcing specific tasks or projects that require the support of many people in which these people act as external participants. Crowdsourcing is generally used in creative projects. Things like