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Types of Donations You Need to Know

Types of Donations You Need to Know - On this occasion, we will discuss several types of donations. Maybe you don't realize that several types of donations exist in the world. Lots of donations are aimed at helping less fortunate people. For that, here are some types of donations. Social Donations Social donations are very common, not only in Indonesia but in other countries, these Types of Donations have attracted a lot of attention. An example of this type of donation is usually and fundraisers will invite donors to donate money to people in need. For example, the elderly who do not have a house or place to live, the less fortunate are suffering from a disease and must receive expensive medical treatment. Donations for War Victims The second type of donation is donations or fundraising for war victims. Usually, this type of donation is made by humanitarian organizations that care about civilians who are victims of war in their country. This type of donation is usually made to me

Donation Items for Disaster Victims

Recently, television and online media have been coloured with news about natural disasters and humanitarian disasters. If you intend to help refugees, it's a good idea to provide them with the items they need. What kind of goods? Let's check directly below. Packaged Foods Packaged food can be a Donation Item if you want to donate to disaster victims or refugees. These foods can be in the form of instant noodles, baby porridge, bread, canned food, sardines or you can also donate packaged rice to eat right away. Baby Diapers or Sanitary Napkins for Women Baby diapers or sanitary napkins are indispensable things. Because if not replaced immediately, these used objects have the potential to cause disease. So it is suggested that if you want to donate, think about donating. Drugs Even though medicine is provided at the evacuation posts, sometimes something is missed. For example, eucalyptus oil, balm, headache medicine, patches and others. Well, these drugs can be an option for you