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The Safe Donation Policy

The Safe Donation Policy : For our information, donations that are widespread in society are donations between family members from housing units, land or shops. This practice is superior due to several factors, such as favorable transition costs compared to sales, the subsidized tax regime, but also the intention to protect oneself from taxing inheritance. But on the other hand, the giving of these donations has several shortcomings related to the legal constraints that arise as a result of giving donations. In fact it is assumed that the donor cannot influence his inheritance for a share that exceeds the "available" quota; therefore, in order to protect the right of the legal heir, in the event the donated property falls into the share of another heir, the transcription of the asset may be canceled. The rule of law for the cancellation period for this transcription lasts 10 years from the date the donor is no longer alive, or 20 years if the donor is still alive. Why Take Do

Organ Donation Rules According to Islam

Organ Donation Rules According to Islam: Syekh Yusuf Qardhawi is of the opinion that Islam does not limit sadaqah to wealth alone, in fact Islam considers all goodness as alms. Donating parts of the body is part of goodness (alms). In fact, according to him, this action is one of the highest and foremost types of almsgiving because the body (limbs) is superior to wealth, while a person may use all his wealth to save (treat) some of his limbs. Therefore, donating part of the body's organs because Allah SWT is the most important qurbah (one's approach to Allah) and the most noble alms. Some Rules for Organ Donation According to Islam First, it is permissible to take a piece of the body and transplant it into another area of ??the same body, provided you are sure that the benefits of the surgery outweigh any possible damage and provided the operation is aimed at replacing the missing organ, or to restore its normal form or function, or to correct a defect, or to correct an uglines

Tips for Giving Donations on Target

Tips for Giving Donations on Target - On this occasion, we will discuss some tips for making targeted donations that we must pay attention to, don't let the person we want to donate or make the donation campaign miss the target. For example, like people who don't need them but instead, we help even though there are still many people who need them more. Donation Tips on Target In terms of Giving Donations on Target , there is currently growing news about fraud in the name of donations that are misused by irresponsible people. For example, cases such as people who collect donations to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine in conflict, the funds that have been collected by the fundraisers escaped without the knowledge of donors. Therefore, apart from knowing whether the maker of the campaign/campaign is reliable enough and the information is clear, it's okay to donate our money. Regarding this, this time we will discuss some targeted donation tips so that the money we d

Know the Definition of Donations and Donors

Maybe some of you already understand what is called donations and donors, right? some may think that the donation is a joint venture or donation and a donor is a person who makes donations in an activity that aims to help a certain party. But what exactly are donations and donors ? Let's talk about donations and donors. Donation Curling The Definition of Donations according to is donations or charity (English: donations that come from Latin: donum). A gift is generally physical by an individual or legal entity. This gift is voluntary without any benefit. Although donations can be in the form of food, goods, clothing, toys or vehicles, this is not always the case. In the event of a disaster emergency or certain other circumstances, for example, donations may take the form of humanitarian assistance or assistance in the form of development. In the case of medical care, the donation can be a blood transfusion or in the case of a transplant, it can be an organ

Definition of Donations, Donors and Examples

Giving donations is one of our obligations to help others especially during a pandemic . But do you understand the meaning of the word Donate or Donate? In the digital era, various online donation websites have emerged that can help connect donors to donation recipients. But before donating, let's we try to understand the meaning of donations and donors below. Definition of Donations, Donors and Examples Definition of Donation The Definition of Donation can be seen from two aspects. The first aspect is linguistical, while the second is seen in terms. In language, a donation has its roots in English, namely Donation or in Latin, namely Donum. In Indonesian, it means charity or donation. While in a term, the meaning of donation is a gift from a person or a legal entity to a certain party or an association (as an intermediary or manager of donations) which is voluntary, without any strings attached or without expecting anything back from what has been given. Definition of Donors Mean

Guidelines for Conducting Donation Agreements

Guidelines for Conducting Donation Agreements Donation is a contract in which a person, only in the spirit of freedom, enriches another by attributing his own rights or assuming an obligation towards him. But what are the terms and characteristics of this contract? And most importantly, what form is needed and required? Donation Agreement Terms In order for donations to be made, several basic requirements must be met, such as subjective ones (the desire to enrich others) and objective ones (enriching others and impoverishing donors). Also, with the brief ideas already mentioned, it is quite possible to remember from now on that donations are intuitively and completely fall into the category of free contracts. As you can imagine, not all free contracts are donations. The gratuity that we mentioned is just a matter of not having a fee. The presence of an objective element related to the enrichment of other parties is also important in donations. Based on the explanation above, other free