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Donation According to Islam

Donation According to Islam: Feelings of solidarity and compassion for one another are fundamental components of Islamic identity. Several hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, SAW) refer to this deep feeling and sense of brotherhood: "none of you will become a true believer until you love your brother what you love for yourself"; "People who believe in mutual love and compassion and virtue are similar to the human body: when one member suffers from it, insomnia and fever persist throughout the body." Donations from an Islamic Viewpoint If a Muslim feels the suffering of his fellow man, and wishes others to have the same welfare and the same good life as he wants for himself - that would be a natural gesture for him to do charity, to alleviate this suffering. Apart from the undeniable benefits for those who receive zakat, Islam also highlights the spiritual need of those who live in a prosperous state, to give a portion of their wealth in a selfless and selfless