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Benefits of Donating for Muslims

Donating or giving aid is no longer something foreign to us today. With more and more intermediate donation sites popping up in recent times, it is commonplace to make donations to others who need help. It does indicate that donating is an activity that can increase our awareness of paying attention to others. Towards public awareness and able to unite many people in doing good. Then what are the benefits of giving donations, especially for Muslims? Let us study and respond one by one the points below: Benefits of Donating for Muslims Increase Sustenance from Allah As human beings, we can't help but be very money, even obsessed with it. Having large amounts of money is certainly one of the factors that can give happiness to the life we live. With enough money, we can easily have all kinds of items such as clothes, food, electronic goods to own the house we want. There are various ways that you can do to earn a large nominal salary. However, these methods are only for getting a good