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Organ Donation Rules According to Islam

Organ Donation Rules According to Islam: Syekh Yusuf Qardhawi is of the opinion that Islam does not limit sadaqah to wealth alone, in fact Islam considers all goodness as alms. Donating parts of the body is part of goodness (alms). In fact, according to him, this action is one of the highest and foremost types of almsgiving because the body (limbs) is superior to wealth, while a person may use all his wealth to save (treat) some of his limbs. Therefore, donating part of the body's organs because Allah SWT is the most important qurbah (one's approach to Allah) and the most noble alms. Some Rules for Organ Donation According to Islam First, it is permissible to take a piece of the body and transplant it into another area of ??the same body, provided you are sure that the benefits of the surgery outweigh any possible damage and provided the operation is aimed at replacing the missing organ, or to restore its normal form or function, or to correct a defect, or to correct an uglines