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Paypal Donations as A Blog Monetization Method

Paypal Donations as A Blog Monetization Method. One of the blog monetization methods which works very well in conjunction with other strategies is the donation model . Asking people for donations to keep your site running can be somewhat embarrassing, this is why you need to “earn the donations” and provide great value to the community who use your blog. People feel good about giving money to support sites which are useful to them, sites which provide tons of content for free or provide useful tools which might benefit them. The Donation Model Explained: In order for this blog monetization model to work you need to offer outstanding content, something that people will truly admire and consider worth paying for. This model is not limited to written content alone, you could provide downloadable products that would save people time one way or the other, for instance there is a lot of people who love Japanese animations (and they are not kids!) - Japanese animation fans a