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Benefits of Donating Cell Phones for Others

Benefits of Donating Cell Phones for Others - The cell phone donation program is very effective and is a great place to put your phone when you get a new model. If you donate your phone to an organization, there are many different things they can do with them. In a cell phone donation organization, they will have a place for every old cell phone you have. Donating cell phones means saving lives or helping a poor country. If you are considering donating your phone, there are many different places you can look to donate. One of the places cell phone donation programs will use your cell phone is an abuse shelter. If you donate a cell phone there, they can use it as a way to call 911 when they need it. Benefits of Donating Cell Phones for Others These cell phone donation organizations would greatly appreciate your donations to help victims of domestic violence. Donating a cell phone means that you allow them to have a communication tool to contact someone if there is a problem. So ma

Used Cell Phones for Charity

Used Cell Phones for Charity - Used cell phones for charities are a very positive and beneficial fundraising tool for charities, for those who want to protect the environment and for people who want to help others. With more than 150 million cordless phones out of order today, used cell phones for charity campaigns are a natural fundraiser with growth potential, as an estimated 75 million cell phones will be out of service over the next decade, just next year. Many businesses and schools sponsor charity campaigns as well as charities that exist solely to help the needy sector of society use used cell phones for charitable purposes to raise funds and renew cellphones for those in need. Used cell phone for charity Used cell phones for charity fundraisers are an effective method of raising funds for specific charities, accepting old phones for repair, and raising environmental awareness about the need to dispose of cell phones responsibly. Most people switch to a new phone every two