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Plasma Donation to Prevent COVID-19

Plasma Donation to Prevent COVID-19 - As information, plasma donation is a specific form of blood donation in which plasma, the clear liquid component of whole blood, is collected during the donor through a process called plasmapheresis. During plasmapheresis, the apheresis machine removes and separates plasma from the rest of the blood. Although plasma contains nutrients, proteins, and antibodies, it can be used to develop techniques for treating a disease. The plasma used for this purpose is called recovery plasma. Plasma Donation to Prevent COVID-19 To note, plasma has been used in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases for centuries. Plasma is used as an adaptive 'passive' initial immunization. This plasma is collected from patients who have recovered from the infection and developed immunity. This is indicated by the presence of antigen-specific antibodies. After transfusions into other patients, plasma can neutralize disease pathogens and eventually clear the