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7 Places to Donate Unused Items

7 Places to Donate Unused Items - Donating goods instead of throwing them away can be a solution to maintain the durability of an item. Fortunately, nowadays there are many places to donate goods. Not only clothes but also many others. If it's still feasible, you can donate at this place. This is the place to donate goods worthy of use. Here are 7 Places to Donate Unused Items Clothes for Charity For those of you who want to donate proper clothes but are no longer used, you can try Clothes for Charity. In his Instagram account @clothesforcharityid, there are already branches in several major cities in Indonesia. For example, in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali and Lombok. Give2 Pick Indonesia You don't need to send, but someone will pick up your goods to be donated. Give2 Pick Indonesia is a used goods transportation service that is suitable for use. After being picked up, they will give it to people who need it. Tukar Baju With an Instagram account named @tukarbaju_, this acc